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The Value of Pre-Teaching

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As summer nears, it’s time to think about what activities you’re enrolling your student in while they’re out of school. Just as you’d sign your students up for sports camps to fine-tune their skills and give them a leg up on the competition, we encourage you to do the same with academics. Routine and practice are integral to the executive functioning of both successful athletes and successful students. At Stride, we offer math and writing programs over the summer where we “pre-teach” information that will be covered in their next school year. School skills can slip over the summer, we don’t want anyone to fall behind!


Our math program pre-teaches students the key concepts and terminology they will be learning in the upcoming year. This level of familiarity with the curriculum helps students feel more confident and comfortable in their new classrooms. Students who were in the program last summer stated that it was beneficial to their learning, information retention, and confidence in the classroom. Whether your student is with us for one week or many weeks, they will benefit from starting the “game of school” a few steps ahead by improving their working memory and processing speed.


The writing program focuses on writing organization. We see that our students often have great ideas, yet struggle to organize them logically. We are offering writing lessons every Friday with different prompts and themes each week. Familiarizing students with the types of essays they’ll frequently encounter is beneficial for timed writings in class in addition to assigned essays. We’ll also provide tools and printouts for your student to take into next year as writing resources.

These classes are intended to help instill familiarity with the subject topics and create more confident engagement in the classroom next year. Students who struggle to learn in big groups without individual instruction will thrive in our interactive, one-on-one environment. Our programs also includes breaks with research-based movements to keep students sharp and engaged. Pre-teaching sets our students up for success and gives them an extra opportunity to excel in these subject areas. If this sounds like a good fit for your student, sign up for our math program here or our writing program here!