Find Your Stride.

We develop students’ executive function skills through mentorship and movement.

Student Mentoring

Middle and high school students are individually paired with a mentor who helps them develop executive function skills to succeed in school and beyond.

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Core Benefits

  • Pair with a mentor to guide executive function skill development and drive accountability.
  • Develop the tactics to help break down schoolwork each week into manageable tasks.
  • Receive academic support and find focus in the homework center.

College Coaching

We work with students from a variety of institutions to improve executive function skills in a challenging academic environment.

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Core Benefits

  • Establish routines to break down assignments into achievable tasks each week.
  • Stay accountable with weekly check-ins by text, call, or email from a mentor.
  • Achieve balance in both life and academics to reduce stress and anxiety.

my Stride

We created Stride to help students hone the tools needed to discipline their gifts. It’s the process, not the product, that inspires us each and every day. We are students, mentors, family, and friends. We are Stride.

Nicco, a middle school student with a volleyball Nicco, a middle school student with a volleyball

Stride really helps me with organization and planning for my week.

– Nicco

Coming to Stride has helped me become more confident in who I am.


My mentor has helped me academically and personally – he teaches me to work hard all the time.


Our Method

Our approach to mentorship, paired with a facility designed for both body and mind, fosters a healthy learning environment for our students.

student and mentor walking down a hallway

“I refer my clients to Stride Learning because they have created an ideal system for students with ADHD to be successful and meet their personal and academic goals. They don’t put a bandaid on the challenges that they face – instead, Stride gives students tools that they can use for a lifetime.”

– Stacy Hernandez, College Counselor

mentor and student in private classroom

“Stride Learning’s students have responded overwhelmingly well to their lessons about how the brain works and how to improve their executive function skills. They continue to provide their students with the tools they need to feel empowered and ready to navigate school and adolescence. This is what we want education to achieve.”

– Andrea Clyne, Colorado School Psychologist of the Year 2015

Mentor and student playing ping pong.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Stride Learning for years. They have developed a unique style of executive function coaching based on the Spark model developed at Harvard University. Stride Learning teaches students the “rules of school” and holds them accountable with weekly tasks. They also reinforce the use of movement as a way to harness executive function skills. Stride Learning’s work frees parents to more peacefully coexist with their children. I highly recommend them as an executive function coach for families that are looking for a program that works!”

– Dr. Marcy Cooper, Psychiatrist

mentor watching student study in classroom

“Stride Learning started mentoring my daughter Annie when she was in high school. They have been a counselor/friend/spiritual cheerleader and trusted advisor to her ever since. I feel so lucky that Annie was able to have the help of such kind, smart, positive people who she respects to help her navigate the minefield of high school. Annie is now a senior in college, studying criminal justice. Whenever she’s home, she makes a point of catching up with her mentor. We ALL feel lucky to have them in our lives and we know they will ALWAYS be there for Annie.”

– Kate M., parent

student checking texts on iphone

“We have been so fortunate to be able to work with Stride Learning.  They have helped our daughter prepare for and succeed with the challenges she faces in school. Their patience and instructional style allow her to be open to learning and give her the confidence she needs to head off to school each day.  They truly have been a gift to our family and we feel so fortunate to have them as part of our support team for our daughter.”

– Matthew H., parent

student and mentor high-fiving.

“Stride Learning has changed my children’s academic lives. They worked with both my daughter and son and during the time they were with Stride Learning, they learned how to manage their time, get their homework and studies in on time, and were way more organized overall in school. Stride mentors connect with every kid and teach them how to help themselves and become independent, self-advocating students. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation, they truly care about each and every person they interact with. Their passion for working with kids is what makes them so special.”

– Stephanie H., parent

Student at desk studying.

“Stride has done wonders for my son’s confidence. He learns skills that he can then directly apply at school, which has helped his grades and school confidence. The mentors are top-notch, balancing fun and accountability. I can whole-heartedly recommend this program – worth the time and expense!”

– Jennifer W., parent

Mentor and student studying at table.

“Stride Learning’s mentors believe in kids and want to see them succeed. They utilize movement and different visual formats to help make learning fun. They keep things light and they are quick to turn around a bad attitude with a sense of humor. They help your kid with homework struggles and anything else your student needs. With Stride Learning, you will be able to watch your student succeed in school this year.”

– Susan K., parent

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